1974  Established with capital of JPY3,000,000.
1975  Completed an automation transfer line of 6 Okuma grinders. After that, we started development of factory automation systems.
1979  Increased the capital of JPY8,000,000.
1981  Started development of servo controlled technology in partnership with Toyohashi University of Technology.
1982  Increased the capital of JPY23,000,000. Moved our head office and plant to the current location.
1984  Developed FMS line for machine tools, the spindle with Okuma.
1986  Developed a high-speed gantry loader.
1987  Increased the capital of JPY46,000,000.
1989  Developed the pallet conveyor for the automatic assembly line for servo-motors at Mitsubishi electrical company.
1990  Achieved cumulative sales of 2000 cells of automation systems.
1992  Developed a gantry loader with a capacity of 500kg.
1994  Our gantry loader achieved 250 m/min (4.2 m/sec) traveling speed.
1995  Developed a 100m long production line with the gantry loader for Hyundai, Korea.
1997  Achieved cumulative sales of 2500 cells of automation systems.
1999  Developed a 150m long production line for crankshaft with 30 machines for DMAX, USA
2000  Our gantry loader achieved 300 m/min (5 m/sec) traveling speed.
2001  Achieved cumulative sales of 3000 cells of automation systems.
2002  Developed 5-axis gantry loader for Machining-center, and of these 29 cells were delivered to KIA, Korea.
2005  Achieved the best sales. Achieved cumulative sales of 3500 cells of automation systems. Increased the floor-space of the main office.
2006  Built the painting booth in our plant.
2008  Achieved cumulative sales of 3800 cells of automation systems.