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Stacker-Table Ferris Wheel Conveyor Roller Conveyor Top-Plate Conveyor

This is standard of stocker. We call “work-table”. Our line-up are; Pallet diameter: 100mm/150mm/200mm/250mm, Lifter: 1-lifter/2-lifter, Station: 6sta./10sta./20sta., as standard. Pallet diameter and station number is made as customer requests.


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■Ferris Wheel Conveyor

The pallet is hanging from the conveyor chain at all time. As the pallet moves from the upper to lower line, the pallet joint rotates to keep the top face in the correct position.
This conveyor resembles a Ferris wheel in operation.


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■Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

Top-Roller Conveyor

Side-Roller Conveyor

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■Top-Plate Conveyor

Top-Plate Conveyor

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