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■Crank Shaft

This application is for Crankshaft loading on a long processing line. Its Gantry-beam is 160meters. It is covered by five Gantry Loaders and seven conveyors. The longest of the five Gantry Loaders is 55meters. The cycle time is two and a half minutes. It is currently used at an engine plant in the U.S.A.
1,Gantry Model :HGL100-3T (3-axis/Fanuc controlled)
2,Gantry Hand :Single hand/Double gripper w/3-position TurnAround unit
3,Parts:Automotive Crank Shaft
4,Parts Weight :88lb

Conveyor (Lift and Carry) with buffer

E cell

C and D Gantry

D-E cell

Model Speed Stroke
Z-axis Carrier 120m/min 50000mm
Y/V-axis Arm 90m/min 1400mm

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