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Gantry Loader Standard Gantry Loader for Machining Center Gantry Loader for Heavy Parts Gantry Loader with Telecopic-Arm Gantry Loader Hand Conveyor Post-Process IN-Line Gauging Applications
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Robot-arms are used in rapidly moving factory production lines where exact accuracy in grip is needed. To meet this need, Hamana Engineering manufactures the Gantry-Loader. Within Japanese technology, there are few specialized makers of an Auto-Loading system for domestic industries. Since our establishment in 1974, we have striven to continue research and development in Factory Automation. Recently, the Gantry-Loaders of Hamana Engineering have been put to work in the international manufacturing arena in places such as; the U.S.A, Singapore, China, Brazil, the U.K., Spain, Denmark, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, France and Canada, as well as the domestic industries of Japan. Our business domain is brod sales, mechanical and electrical design for the Robot, manufacture and assembly, installation and adjustments, field service… all aspects are covered.

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